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September 2-6, 2021

A Retreat for Opening and Recommitting Your Radiant Essence to the World
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For many of us, this past year has felt like an endless winter with less connection and clarity than ever before. As we move into spring, rediscover your radiance with other sweet souls seeking solace in a COVID-safe environment of intimacy and shared intentions.


This retreat is for you and first and foremost to nourish your mind, body, and soul. The Big Island Hawaii is the perfect place to detox from distractions and release stagnant emotional energy. Get loving support to lay down any armor you may have accumulated in the last year through COVID, social change, collective fear, and major changes in our routine.


Come eat clean food, move your body, sing, dance, soften, open, and dream from a space of connection to self and others.

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Radiantly SHINE

After we have cleared our energetic and emotional bodies, we will turn our focus towards what excites and delights us individually and collectively. What would bring you tremendous pleasure to see and embody this year? What are you an easy YES to? How can you create from a space of radiance that feeds your energy as well as others? How can we each step more fully into the creatrix role of shaping a more beautiful world for ourselves and others?

The intention is to be so nourished that we are abundantly resourced to create for ourselves and others from our most generous hearts. Come to be reflected by and in community of shared intention. Remember how to give your gifts and beauty effortlessly with the perfect support.

How do you

want to bloom?

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Join us

We’ll be on a beautiful ten acre property, Sundari Gardens, a retreat center focused on healing in community, in the Puna region of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Expect to get really clean in your body, heart, and soul with the support of a staying in a beautiful private lodge space, gardens filled with artisan sculptures, a mostly local vegan diet of seasonal fruits and veggies, daily movement, warm temperatures and ocean views. 

To come, all guests from off island (vaccinated or not) are required to get a COVID test 72 hours before their flight. You will get another test upon arrival.

More available on Sundari Gardens here:

BLoom Retreat Elements

September 2-6, 2021

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Reconnect with Vulnerability and Empathy for Where You Are Now


Release and Clear Blocks to Energy from Fear, Grief, & Rage

Honor Your Feelings, Needs, and Desires and Receive Healing Reflection

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Use Play, Song, and Dance to Wake Up Creativity in the Body and Heart

Release Stories of Disempowerment and Fear.


Reconnect to Your Power

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Clarify and Share Your Desires and Intentions 

Recommit To What You Want to Give Generously to the World


Receive Reflections of What the World Needs Most From Your Gifts & Leadership Now

Build Your System of Abundant Support 

Retreat Experience

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Example Schedule

Sessions and workshops will happen at Sundari or local outdoor locations (waterfall, lava, medicine wheel, beach, etc.). Breaks and flexibility built in to support retreat participant integration. Each session also builds in meditate time, journaling, embodiment, small group and large group exercises. Space for meals and free time will flow along with emergent needs, especially on travel days.


7:30AM: Meditation*

8:00-9:00AM: Daily Movement Practice

9:00AM- 10:00AM: Breakfast and Personal Time

10:00-1:00PM: Session 1 of Daily Workshops

1:00-2:30PM: Lunch and Personal Time

2:30-5:00PM: Session 2 of Daily Workshops or Excursion

6:00PM: Dinner

7:00PM: Song circle, Dance, Stargazing, Massage train*


Several guest teachers will be sharing dance, play and movement practices.

Additional on-site massage, functional mobility, 1:1 coaching available.


ALL-Inclusive Retreat

 If you are interested, let me know using the contact form below and I’ll follow up with a call or email that includes a brief survey about lodging and intentions.


All-inclusive pricing includes lodging, food for all meals plus cooked dinners, activities and travel during the retreat to local hot springs, waterfalls, beaches, and caves. Deposit of $200 by August 1, 2021. Deposit can be made to Kathryn-Roper @Venmo or on Paypal

Please talk to me if you'd like to come, but aren't sure how. In particular, I want to make these retreats very accessible to BIPOC individuals and Native Hawaiians, so if you identify at such, please share that with me and let's figure out how to get you in.

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Early Bird


Extended Retreat, 7 days:  $1444* 

*Includes private room in the main retreat lodge and dinners for nights other than retreat. Spaces are very limited. Deposit of $200 by August 1, 2021.

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Early Bird
A la Carte

Registration Fee: $900

Meal Plan*:$120

Camping: $100

Lodging: $200

For making a personalized retreat experience 

*Meal Plan consists of three meals across the four day retreat

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All-Inclusive Payment Plan

 $200 deposit with two additional payments of $333 each

Additional payment plans, flexible arrival, and volunteer options available.

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Local Pricing Plan

Early Bird Pricing: $444

After August 1: $555 

Includes vegan meals and travel during retreat. 

Camping available for additional $20/day.

Deposit of $200 to reserve spot.


Let's Connect!

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