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Find What's Present In The Past

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 Sheila Pudas is a mother, grandmother, explorer, historian, and master genealogist with incredible curiosity and awe in learning about the stories of the earth and its people.

Sheila began researching her own ancestry at a young age because of her deep connection to her great-grandparents. She loved to ask them questions and learn about what they knew of their parents and the countries they came from before immigrating to the United States of America. Before the proliferation of digital archives, Sheila collected all the archives she could find in cemeteries, churches, and libraries across the states and abroad.  She continued her journey by emailing and reconnecting with relatives over the years, eventually visiting re-found family in Finland and Sweden, and the family houses which they've lived in for 500+ years.

Sheila in front of the home of her great-great grandmother with Finnish relatives she met through genealogy.

"I believe that we all are connected

through the history of our families"

Sheila's passion for genealogy stems from her desire to reconnect with lost relatives, better understand the challenges in her own family's story, and to honor the memory of those that have passed that are no longer known. Genealogy to Sheila means reconnecting with your inherent belonging and place in the world and history. This genealogy business is a way that Sheila, and her daughter Katie, support people in healing their connections to family, ancestors, bioregions, and cultures. 

Genealogy Packages

All packages include a 30-60 minute phone call consultation and final walk through of your family tree, people and stories. Each person's family line is very different and can be easier or harder to trace. Payment plans available for all packages.

Starter Package


Includes a downloadable PDF of your family tree and a look into what research exists into your family line. 

Deeper Dive

Ranges $600 - $1200

Includes a downloadable PDF of a customizable digital booklet to highlight stories and persons from your lineage. 

Payment plans available.

Family Tree 

$111 Add-On

Get a beautiful wall mounted poster of your family tree up to nine generations back for yourself or other family.

Printed Book

$111 Add-On

Get printed copies of your booklet delivered to your door for sharing with your family

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