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What Love Means to Me

In the spirit of a holiday about love. I will share what love is to me.

To me loving is a constant choice to be present with and soften. This is how I know best to love myself and others. It’s showing up completely for myself and another at the same time, no one has to fold their feelings or needs.

It’s being committed to and finding the win-win.

Love is choosing to sing and dance even when you feel clumsy. It’s being encouraged to try new things and feeling safe doing them badly. Its admitting “I’m scared” and getting a hand. It’s choosing what is vulnerable and true over the mask or impulse to disconnect or disassociate. It’s being willing to be really uncomfortable or not in my preferences, out of a easy choice to show up. It’s noticing an ouch and getting curious.

Love is tending to the most sensitive or shyly blossoming parts at just the right moment.

Love to me is looking at someone in the eyes with deep gratitude that they are here. Love is just hugging and breathing with someone. Love is crying and being held without a need to fix anything. It’s someone noticing when I pull away and asking me, “ what’s here?”. Its being fed (or thinking to feed someone) a delicious meal right when you know they will be hungry. It’s feeling safe asking for support. Its being asked for support. It’s knowing for myself that I am love-able in all my shapes and that everyone I love is too. My capacity to offer love like this is directly related to my ability to remember to offer it to myself.

May we all soften our hearts a little extra right now to allow this kind of loving nourishment in. On this holiday, may there be plenty of presence for everyone


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