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Singing Together To Create More Harmony Within & Without

One of the most precious spaces in my life is a weekly song circle that I attend before ecstatic dance on Sundays and also have had the honor to help hold over the last two years has been Sunday Sacred Song Circle.

It's much more than just singing though.

It's a full ritual and the potency of it can be felt, most weekends by how people are brought into their emotions, intentions, their tears, and their dances of joy.

Something special happens when we sing from this place together along with prayer, a sacrament (seasonal herbal infusions, tea, or cacao), and spaces for people to openly ask for and receive spiritual and emotional support.

When a group of people drop into a space like that it travels through the whole circle, helping each person get into their body, heart, and voice.

When my 14 year old niece came for the first time, it was the most genuine and sweet thing she had ever been too and she cried, nay wept, almost until the very end. Allowing so many shields and walls around her heart to crumble, soften, and feel.

We listen to learn powerful songs of remembrance, some chanted from all corners of the world in many different languages to give thanks, to humble ourselves, to rember we are not alone.

We listen as we cry to the powerful words of medicinal music in our ears, encouraging us and strengthening us.

We begin to sing, to know that we have a place for our voice, no matter how perfect or imperfect.

We sing to feel into the harmony of sound and how it is a metaphor for all life.

We sing to feel it and to give ourselves fully to the music.

We sing to heal ourselves.

We sing to heal each other.


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