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My coaching uses the wisdom of our emotions, relationships, and habits to bring presence to what needs to shift in our lives for more ease and alignment with our values. 

My goal is to be a coach and 
teammate of your highest potential and joy. 
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My coaching builds on my emotional intelligence, family mediation, and life coaching training. I focus on the wisdom embedded in our emotions, relationships, and habits and what those offer us as mirrors for what is needed to shift our lives into more alignment. My goals are to help my clients feel more connection, community, and clarity of purpose for how they spend their time. 


When I say that our emotions have wisdom, I mean that they often can help us get to our own personal answers about what we need to be at more peace. For example:

  • Fear and anxiety often point to trauma or other vulnerabilities and a desire to create more trust and safety in the structures around us.

  • Grief often points to stories of being powerless around what we can not control (loss and regret related) and points to a need to build our trust in our own power and ability to get our needs for connection and care anew.

  • Rage often points to hitting a boundary of a deeply held value that wants to be protected.

 I love deep witnessing and empathy to help my clients be present with themselves and these sometimes unpleasant sensations so that we can listen deeply to what they have to share. I also love to provide provocative questions and creative experiments as stepping stones for building self-confidence and habits. My goal is to be a teammate and cheerleader to remind you of your potential and create a structure that supports your most meaningful and beautiful life creation.


I have experience in:

- Family mediation and conflict resolution work

- Grief, rage, and anxiety release

- Pathways for developing focus and goals for the future

- Strategies for building community & deeper connections 

- Reconnecting with nature and meditation as tools for greater purpose and peace

If any of this sounds like what you are searching for, please contact me below.

With love,


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