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The World Is A More Beautiful Place
When We Are Meaningfully Connected

Disconnection from self, community, and land leads us to burnout and purposelessness. Creating trust-building rituals for ourselves and groups is the pathway towards healthy intentional communities.


For the last 10 years, I've used my joy in creating connected community to direct a year-long university leadership program to develop change-makers that have the skills, strategy, and heart to be visionary and effective in today's world.


I am committed to figuring out how to support your leadership, so that we can do more together to create joyful community and systems that support collective thriving.

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Katie Roper

Leadership Coach

Areas of Focus

I bring my values of curiosity, compassion, and courage into my style of transformational leadership, coaching, facilitating, and event coordination.



Personal Breakthrough

Self understanding and acceptance work

Offerings focus on 1 on 1 coaching, online courses, and personal retreats

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Connection & Collaboration

Restoring bonds with family and partners

Offerings focus on Mediation, Communication Trainings,  Ceremonies 

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Communal Trust

Building your community intentionally on shared beliefs

Offerings focus on creating permaculture design systems 

 I enjoy helping developing leaders to lead from a place of presence, honesty, and creativity.


I love to see leadership translate to cultures that embody values of liberation for all, visionary love, compassionate design, and radical transparency. 

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Tropical Leaves

Go to a wide open space,

Gaze without looking anywhere.

The mind stops its building of thoughts,

And rests on its own foundation


The light that you see by

Is the light that comes from inside

- #37 Yukti Verses. Radiance Sutra. Translated by Lorin Roche, PhD.

Sandari Goddesses (69 of 256).jpg
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