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Adventures in Intimacy

Customized Romantic Couple's Retreat

For Couples Who Want

A romantic adventure weekend specifically created to fit their interests and desires.

We have just the perfect combination of wild adventure and deep intimacy practices for couples to explore nature as well as grow closer together!

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For the adventurous, design a trip into the wild that matches your needs for new experience and beauty. Daily guided adventures will be chosen for you based on your shared interests and desired activity level. From rock climbing, mountain biking, games or forest acro-yoga, there's something for every skill and activity level. Some might choose to play hard and others might prefer to mostly relax. Either way the mountains, forests, lakes and rivers will be the best medicine for the soul.

We love to play, dance, sing, and otherwise support couples in being more embodied, letting their inner child out, and also learning new activities or skills together.


Another type of play that we love to support is intimacy building and connecting activities for couples. We want to support you in having practices that support deepening presence, vulnerability, and honesty in joyful and sexy new ways. These sessions will be supportive in setting shared intentions, inviting play and creativity, adding new healthy practices to your relational skillset, and dropping into deeper love! 

Included in the retreat is daily use of a sexy custom built Sprinter van as basecamp and a comfy alternative or supplement to tent camping.

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Customizable Retreat Activities

Guided Climbing

Mountain Biking



Rafting (Location dependent)

Horseback riding (Location dependent)

Couple massage workshop

Intimacy Building Conversations & Clearings

Relationship Games and Embodied Intimacy

Collaborative music

Dancing—Ecstatic Style, Contact Improv, or Partner Dance

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Retreat Plans

All plans include:

Use of our beautifully custom built Sprinter basecamp van

Two clean and delicious meals prepared a day plus all clean up (food not included)


We love to bake and have been known to make a banana bread or cookies to eat in the afternoon in the little oven, if it’s wanted. 

A custom designed adventure outing

A personalized intimacy practice or session based on your goals or needs

Daily rate of $250- $750 available, depending on custom retreat plan. 
2 day minimum. 2-4 day retreats available.


Intimacy Practices

Your couples’ retreat may be designed to include these intimacy practices:

Develop deeper emotional intimacy and communication, we can design a non-violent communication based workshop, practice, or mediation sessions

Support the transition from codependent habits to more joyful and interdependent ones

Psychodrama or somatic therapy based processes to honor any stuck parts or to share big vulnerable dreams

Rebuilding trust & Recommitment ceremonies

To resolve stuck conflict or disappointment, we can work to surface blame or shame in a safe container and rewriting stories of connection and sovereignty

Schedule your consultantation now, for us to hear what you are interested in and begin to design out your romantic adventure weekend!

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