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Quarantine Reflections

I'll be honest that these last couple weeks I have been feeling a lot.

I've been appreciating that we get a grand lesson in slowing down, being resourceful, interdependence, and in what matters most. I've been calling my mother more, learned how easy it is to make oat milk, and have been excited about having my friends teach me stuff through zoom like yoga and their favorite cooking recipes... BUT I've also been feeling very ungrounded.

I pride myself on having practices for processing my own anxiety, fear, and grief, but right now, I am particularly appreciative of remembering how lovely it is to ask and receive deep empathetic support. It can be from friends or strangers even. Especially when I don't want to admit needing it, when I think I don't deserve it, before I desperately need it, just because it will help me be more resourced, hopeful, and less anxious.

Ever since my first Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication Empathy Circle, 7+ years ago, I have had a belief that we are meant to grow and feel with a circle of support. As someone that grew up in churches, but no longer attends church, it always brings me back to the sweet tenderness I felt as a child when I'd get to see adults cry. When I realized everyone was afraid sometimes, made mistakes, and needed to be reassured.

Having a support group is one of the best ways I know to transform stuck emotions into strength and connection.

From AA to women's circles, I have tried and love them in many forms. What I could try not to cry about for a week can be transformed in 20 minutes with a good circle of reflective listeners, if I can submit to being seen. I have thought many times that I wished I had known this sooner, that I had had this my whole life, that everyone had this.

And I don't know about others, but feeling meaningfully connected to people has been my biggest desire of late.

It makes me wonder who in my FB community is looking for more depth in their friendships, family, or for some kind of circle of support? This is one practice that I love that I think I may be able to meaningfully support others in getting access to in this time ---> to help you find the right circle for you (there are many formats, intentions, and styles), to host a circle with you, or to show you how to host one yourself. Drop a line or PM me if you want some guidance with that or share below what you are wanting or how support groups have helped you.

My greatest desire would be for everyone to have a circle of meaningful and deep support in this time, whether virtual or with the folks you are sheltered with. I see this as the best foundation for taking care of who needs it and making the best of this, come what may.


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